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No horse
without hoof…

The company Siebenberge-Handel, in short SIBHA, is a family-owned business in the region of the Seven Mountains in Lower Saxony, Germany. Our modelling clay is used to cover the frog clefts of the horse hoof when radiography becomes necessary. It has been specifically developed for the veterinary medicine and provides excellent images also in the CT and the MRT.

The material convinces thanks to:

an easy handling
excellent images
large packages
100% biological
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The product

We would like to present to you our newly developed modelling clay for hooves here.

As horse farm managers (Pferdewirte) we are in close contact with veterinary surgeons and farriers. As extremely sticky residues remain in the hoof after end of the X-ray examination in the area of the distal limbs of the horse, we had the idea to develop an imaging material for the representation of the horse hoof during an X-ray examination.

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Does not stick

Thanks to this special characteristic, it can be well moulded, easily inserted into the hoof and removed without any residues.

Excellent images

are guaranteed for digital as well as computerised X-ray examinations.


made from biodegradable raw materials and free from paraffin, microwax and PDMS.

Patented & tested

and admitted for X-ray diagnostic examinations.


Our product is available in a 1 kg screw top can, in a 5 kg bucket and a 10 kg bucket and facilitates an easy handling for the stationary use.

QuantityContainerTotal pricePrice per kgShipping costs
1 kgScrew top can16.80 €16,80 €6,90 €
5 kgBucket with seal lid78,95€15,79€8,90 €
10 kgBucket with seal lid147,89€14,78€10,90 €

The prices are subject to changes and excluding VAT of 19%.

We deliver free of shipping costs throughout Germany from on order quantity of 50 kg.

You can call the required quantity freshly prepared according to your needs. We wish to contribute to environmental protection and deliver in environmentally friendly refill packs. You avoid packaging waste and do not need any additional storage area.

Our product consists of purely biological ingredients. Therefore we recommend using the material within 6 months.

Please contact us directly for the packaging costs outside Germany.

General information:

Barrel sealing material/barrel tallow consists of petroleum jelly, paraffin and micro-waxes. It is used to seal the porous wood of large barrels of the wine, beer and spirits industry.
Ingredients: microcrystalline wax (E905), paraffin wax, white oil and polyethylene (plastic).

It is almost not possible to remove the extremely sticky residues of the “barrel sealing material” after examination. The following cleaning of the hoof by the owner of the horse is difficult. Also farriers are upset with the sticky residues which remain at their tools.

Many medical centres have changed from barrel sealing material to modelling clay for children in the past.

However, the colour pigments of the modelling clay contain formaldehyde residues and lead (analysis of the Stiftung Ökotest (foundation for ecological testing) in 2007) which often results in failures in imaging. The paste of foreign providers contains water-endangering substances (PDMS hazardous substance class H413) and its disposal as domestic waste is prohibited.

All materials are offered in small packaging sizes. Several cubic metres of packaging waste every year is the consequence. Furthermore they do not correspond to today’s standards of environmental protection.

After longer series of experiments and with the support of veterinary surgeons, we managed to develop an optimal modelling material which completely does without any carcinogenic substances, heavy metal, plastic and petroleum products and nevertheless provides excellent images. We obtained a patent for our hoof modelling clay and founded the company Siebenberge-Handel.

For us ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION has highest priority!

We deliver refill packs to ensure the avoidance of plastic waste.

Disposable gloves

are NOT necessary for the use.


and can be disposed of in the container for biological waste.

Avoidance of plastic waste

thanks to our packaging sizes.


Subsequent delivery in environmentally friendly wax paper for a refilling of the container already available to you.

About us

Since more than 40 years horses have shaped my life. Practising first the vaulting, I started to ride only after a short time and eventing became my passion.

I have always been interested in all riding categories and thus my qualifications extend from trainer certificates in several areas to horse farm manager with focus on riding.

Besides the competitive sports, I have always been enthused about the huge possibilities of development and support which a horse offers people with disabilities.

Thus, I had additionally specialised in riding and vaulting for people with disabilities in 1988 and later became instructor of therapeutic sports / sports in prevention.

Based on my professional qualification as horse farm manager and child care specialist, I have been working in an educational institution since 20 years which has developed to a renowned specialist establishment of the DKThR (German Board of Trustees for Therapeutic Riding) and the FN under my aegis. Considerable successes were achieved at the national riding and vaulting tournaments of Special Olympics Germany only after a short time. I especially enjoyed the planning including tests in cooperation with the state committee Hannover and the Special Olympics Lower Saxony.

Due to my activities in the equestrian sport of many years, I often faced the difficult removal of the residues in the horse hoof after an X-ray examination.

Thus, I had the idea to develop a modelling mass that can be optimally used for this special purpose. With the support of veterinary surgeons we succeeded in longer series of experiments. After successful patenting of our hoof modelling clay, the company Siebenberge-Handel was founded.

The Sieben Berge – the Seven Mountains

The mountain range is located only few kilometres in the south-west of Sibbesse. It rises up between the valley of the river Leine and the Hildesheim forest.

No roads pass through the uninhabited Seven Mountains, but numerous hiking trails on which the forest landscape can be explored. The landscapes of the Seven Mountains can be easily reached via the winding road between Alfeld and Hildesheim. As the Brothers Grimm studied in the city of Göttingen, which is only 50 km away, it is actually possible that the roots of the fairy tale are in this landscape.


Mountain range of the Seven Mountains

A company name evolves:

“The Seven Dwarfs behind the Seven Mountains…”
This is said in one of the most famous fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm – Snow White.

We like the idea of living in a legendary landscape and thus it made sense to link the company name with the surrounding. The “Siebenberge-Handel”, shortly “SIBHA”, was born.

Contact us!


Molkereistraße 10
D-31079 Sibbesse

Phone: +49 5065/963 85 46
Fax.: +49 5065/963 85 47
e-mail: ed.ah1721672048bis@o1721672048fni1721672048